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Safety Concerns Spike as Michigan’s Marijuana Industry Enters the Billions

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One fact always remains: The more money something or someone is bringing in, the more concern they should have for their welfare. Safety is a major issue when you discover wealth, because more and more are focusing on you in order to find their next ‘big score’. When it comes to legalizing the marijuana industry, certain states have already had this extra worry put upon their shoulders because they’ve proven that particular industry brings a lot of money into their state.

When it comes to the state of Michigan, their particular marijuana industry has entered into the billions of dollars. In fact, on that supposed ‘unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts’ that other states actually celebrate, “4/20,” Michigan reported pulling in more than $10 million in marijuana sales on just that one day; this marked single-day sales up nearly 200 percent from 2020. Even though we’re still in the COVID-19 pandemic, it obviously had no adverse effects on sales whatsoever.

While some states are also still new at this and working out various kinks, experts all combine to report that the billion-dollar-industry shows absolutely no sign of slowing down in the state of Michigan – which was the first state in the Midwest to start selling recreational marijuana back in December 2019.

Filling the state’s economy with millions of dollars over just the last year-and-a-half, revenue has been off the charts for the local municipalities that allow marijuana and marijuana related products to be sold in their area. $97.6 million in revenue was what was reported for March of 2021, creating record-high monthly marijuana sales that showed a 44% increase from sales in February (Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency).

An industry analysis, co-authored by an MSU professor named William Knudson, showed the marijuana industry in Michigan to be running at top speed, and the projections show that what is right now a $1.2 billion business will reach $3 million quickly. Maturing at a rate faster than experts first thought, Knudson said that the marijuana industry in Michigan had the capability to expand at nearly twice the current rate. “Judging by the experience in Colorado, we expect the marijuana industry, once it matures between 2023 and 2025, to be a $2 billion a year business,” Knudson said.

When divvying up where the revenue and the consumers actually come from, researchers have stated that only 10% of marijuana and marijuana-related product sales come from out-of-state residents where adult-use marijuana remains illegal.

Now…comes the safety issues that cover many bases. When it comes to corporations coming into the state and monopolizing the industry with only a few brands, that is a possibility the state needs to keep in mind. Dating back to the 1980’s, monopolies have come about, most visibly in the technology and computer industries back then. And it would be a mistake to believe that new companies aren’t thinking about doing that in this industry as well.

Then, of course, you have the safety issue of driving while under the influence. Before legalization even passed in Michigan, law enforcement warned that drivers using marijuana would obviously increase dangers on the road. They have back-up for their warning in a study done by AAA of 2,700 drivers nationwide; they revealed that 37 % of respondents admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana.

“Some drivers think marijuana can make them a better driver, but research shows it has the ability to inhibit concentration and close reaction times, and cloud judgment,” said a spokesperson for AAA.

The County Sheriff of Allegan, Michigan, Frank Baker, reported that drugged-driving crashes that included property damage reached a new high. Whether these record-breaking sales has something to do with that is still unclear. But it is a fact that better training is being provided to officers in order to recognize when somebody is under the influence of a drug like marijuana. But the fact remains that since the state legalized pot for adult-use, it’s still unclear if drivers under the influence of marijuana are actually causing more crashes. And while misdemeanors, like possession and use, are automatically expunged under the law beginning in 2023, now-legal activities that were previously considered felonies, like growing the plant, isn’t.

As the industry expands, everyone will be looking out for new data that’s accumulated in order to see if the increased revenue is actually worth any negative effects on Michigan’s citizens.

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