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Opening the Dispensary Door: Your First Visit

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Although it can feel intimidating to new visitors when they first enter a dispensary, what people should know beforehand is that what they’re going to meet up with is a friendly staff and a clean store that, together, provide a truly inviting experience.

Upon reading up on dispensaries that have opened all across the country in the past few years, it’s a fact that there are teams in place who are basically working the job they’ve always wanted and are very pleased to show you around and make sure your first experience is a great one. Whether you’re living in a state where cannabis is legal, or just visiting, you quickly discover on your first visit that you’ll be served by pros who have worked to help both patients and customers from a variety of backgrounds, and are ready and able to answer any questions you have.

This is also a shopping visit that is customized to each individual and their needs, so that every customer gets what they want. You can experience anything from a guided tour, if you’re unclear about what you want, to a shopping spree that’s quick and easy, where you can pick up your favorite products and be on your way.

If you’re hesitant because you don’t know what you would like, or even what kinds of products are available, it’s important to know ahead of time that cannabis is not a subject you have to know all about before visiting the dispensary. All you need to bring with you is a valid, up-to-date identification in order to be taken through the shop. In addition, most dispensaries require cash for all purchases. Some may have onsite ATMs and a few others may offer debit card purchases, but it’s a good idea to take cash so you can purchase the amount you desire. The only other things to bring are an open mind when shopping and the willingness to try something new.

When it comes to the time you spend in the dispensary, that’s all up to you. Once your ID has been checked, you will be welcome to explore the showroom as long as you want. And never be worried or afraid to inquire about things. Even for seasoned cannabis users, the dispensary can be overwhelming because of the hundreds of products available. Not to mention, specifics ranging from products to regulations are likely to differ from state to state, so the internet is a great place to call up shops in the area/state you’re visiting beforehand. That way, you’ll know exactly what they have in order to enjoy a stress-free visit.

In addition, if you’re heading to a larger city or a bigger storeroom, be prepared to wait in line at checkout time because cannabis dispensaries require that each customer is served by a budtender. That means you’ll have the benefits that come from a designated expert ready to help you find the perfect product and answer all of your questions; the downside, however, is it can result in a very busy store. But if you have to wait, take advantage of the time to read through the dispensary’s product menu to learn all about the interesting things you’d like to get on your next visit.

And, yes, there will be a next one after you realize how much fun of an experience your visit will be. Every dispensary has its own culture, décor, and routine, so trying more than one out gives you the added opportunity to find a place where you feel most comfortable for ongoing purchases.

In other words, when it comes to your first dispensary shopping trip, you don’t need to panic or be reluctant to go. The budtender will always be a qualified staff member who’s well-versed in the particular items sold at their dispensary; therefore, you need not worry. Even though your first experience can be a bit daunting, the dispensary and their team are there to help you shop with zero pressure. So… relax and have a good time; you’ll be sure to get the best cannabis products for you.

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