Be First Media Group Inc., owns and operates (DBA) My420Networks (the “Company”) publishes content on the “Company Network of Websites” (“Company Websites”) that is focused on cannabis, legal cannabis use and cannabis relating to medical and health information (“Medical Content’).

By viewing the contents of the Company’s Websites, you acknowledge and accept the following information, policy, disclaimer information, and details:

1). Policy: General Information:

  • If for any reason you do not agree with the contents of this disclaimer, end your session now and do not access any of the Company Websites
  • Under no circumstance should any Medical Content published by the Company on the Company Websites be taken as medical advice
  • By viewing the Company Websites and all of the its content, including (but not limited to) content, content marketing features, sponsored features, blog posts, educational guides, videos, images, newsletters, social media, the user agrees to accept all statements made within this Medical and Health Disclaimer.
  • The Company makes every effort to include and reference credible research from peer-reviewed sources when any potential claims are mentioned whenever Medical Content is published on the Company’s Websites.
  • Any and all Medical Content on the Company’s Websites pertaining to cannabis found is presented to make all persons, users, and readers aware of the effects others have anecdotally experienced only.
  • The Company avoids making any definitive claims about the health benefits of marijuana since there are not sufficient government studies for the medical properties of cannabis.
  • Readers, users, advertisers, or individuals waive all liability claims against the Company regarding any Medical Content published on the Company’s Website.
  • The Company has the sole discretion to alter, change, update, add, or subtract any information regarding policies at any time.

2) Policy:  Disclaimer and Additional Information

  1. Under no circumstance should Medical Content displayed on the Company Website be relied upon for treatment of medical conditions or symptoms. Users who choose to rely on the information published on the Company Websites do so at their own risk.
    1. In the event of any medical emergency, all persons and users should always call their doctor, go to a hospital/emergency room, or dial 911.
    2. All persons and individuals using or visiting Company Websites are solely responsible for their own medical care, treatment, maintenance, and healthcare.
    3. If Medical Content and/or Holistic Content is published on the Company’s Websites, under no circumstance should the content ever be taken or interrupted as medical advice, healthcare options, or as a procedure or standard of care to be followed.
    4. All audiences, individuals, and users of the Company Websites understand its content, creators of content, Content Marketing, and Sponsored Content are not medical professionals, technicians, nurses, or doctors.
    5. Any and all Media Content published on the Company’s Websites is for informational purposes only. Users, readers, individuals, and advertisers are solely responsible for their individual health care.  Medical Content published or displayed on the Company’s Websites:
  2. Is not created to establish a health or care regime to be followed at any time.
  3. Readers and users should always seek the advice of professional medical personnel, and/or licensed physician with any questions regarding their mental and/or physical health and medical well-being at all times.
  4. At any time, a reader, user, or advertiser, should never delay seeking or disregard professional medical advice because of any or all Medical Content published on the Company’s Websites.
    1. Medical Content changes frequently and often, therefore, when published on the    Company’s Websites, should not ever be considered complete or the best, most exhaustive option at any time.
    2. Medical Content published on the Company Website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other official governing body.

Updated: 8/6/2020

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